App: storage path incorrect

If I change the storage-path of the app into


as offered from the app, I should find the files here (if I’m the only user)


but instead the files are here:


and a) this is not the offered location and b) you have no access to this location at least up to Android 9. Any advice, what to do?

My OS’es: LineageOS 7 and 9
App-Version: 3.14


there is no Lineage OS 7 and 9… But as Lineage OS is using the numbering from Cynogenmod there indeed is a CynogenMod 7 and 9.
CM 7 => builds Android 2.3.2 (from beginning of 2011)
CM 9 => builds Android 4.0.1 (from end of 2011)

Don’t you think that’s a bit too outdated to be supported?

Or do you mean LinOS 14 resp. LinOS 16? Would build Android 7 resp. Android 9.

Regardless… it might be due to the compability of LinOS that this fails. But I’m not sure.

My fault: I mean:
LineageOS 14.1 and 16

Don’t beat me so much …


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PS: tried it with Android 9

@Andy do you have a clue?

Not right away :frowning: Best would be to post this to the Github tracker of the android repository, maybe tobias knows.

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I did that already:
This issue needs discussion/info and is closed …


so I’m afraid, GH would be the right place to lead the following discussion.

Maybe you wanna poke Tobias again over there since it seems as if it got out of his focus again.

Awww and please do NOT take discussions from GH to the forum as this would easily end up in chaos.

Won’t do that, wanted to know, what others say to this problem, since the issue was closed so fast.