App: search_lucene - Full Text search for PDF, TXT, etc

I’m posting this because it’s a feature I was using with Owncloud that I didn’t want to lose.

I was using the app Search Lucene ( ) for full text searching of files stored in OwnCloud. I was able to keep it running in Nextcloud with some minor changes.

  1. (Optional) Add the min/max version line to appinfo/info.xml with

    It may work on a higher version but for now I know it is working on v9 for me.

  2. Edit /search_lucene/search/luceneresult.php file. Change the line:
    $this->link = \OCP\Util::linkTo(‘files’,‘index.php’,array(‘dir’ => dirname($this->path), ‘scrollto’ => $this->name));
    $this->link = \OCP\Util::linkTo(‘index.php’,‘apps/files’,array(‘dir’ => dirname($this->path), ‘scrollto’ => $this->name));


Which version of Nextcloud are you using? I am running 9.052, will your fix work on this version?

I’m using 9.052 as well. It should work just fine.

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Fantastic! Thank you :slight_smile:

I just noticed the line about the versions got left off the forum post.

                <owncloud min-version="9.0" max-version="9.0" />

Let’s see if that worked.

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Any news on whether this solution works in version 10? This a one funcção that alias should already be standard.

I’m using it in 10 and it’s working.

The one thing I would like for it to do is index shared folders.

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we use Nextcloud 10.0.1 and search_lucene with the described patches, the application works only partly. search and find file by existing index works. but new indexing is not working, and if i delete the lucene_index in a user dir it would not be recreated fully. has anyone else this problem (and a solution)?

currently when i used in the past the search lucene, the search only works as existing indexes… newer does not apply very well its a common but for that application…

lasted version of enterprise oc seems to works…

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