App passwords are being deleted randomly


I have been using totp since it had been launched and I have encountered vanishing app passwords for quite some time now. It seems that, at random, app passwords get deleted from the database and I wonder if there’s something in the code, that would do this.

Anyone having experienced the same issue?


Hey @budy,

please take a look at Are you using LDAP?

The bugfix was backported to NC11 and will come with the next maintenance update. Ref

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Hi Christoph,

sorry - I have been very busy lately and just checked back. Yes, both of my Nextcloud instances are authenticating against LDAP. I have just looked at issue 2431 and this seems to be exactly, what I am seeing. Great to see, that you guys are on it.

Do you happen to know, if the fix might be already available in a nightly build? I could persuade myself to switch one of my instances to…

…wait - I just got told that 11.0.2 is available… :wink: Hopping onto it right away…

The maintenance release should fix the problem as it contains the fix :rocket:

Cool - I just updated my NC11.0.1. Looking forward to it.

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