App not connecting

My app is not connecting to the nextcloud server that we have installed. It’s saying unknown error. We are using a FQDN with it, and gives this error, when I use the IP address directly it says server not found. Please advise.

Please let us know which client app you are using and which version of Nextcloud. Also can you open the webinterface via browser on the mobile device?

Thank you for the reply. Nextcloud version 12.02. I am able to open it over the browser. Using Android app.

I have been attempting to research problems that match the original post.
We’ve been discussing this on the nethserver forums since the two installs I’m working with are such though it’s surely a nextcloud issue.
I’m crushed with work and life so have been unable to allocate much time to this but I’ve broken my workflow because I’m dumb and even though I waited a week or so I allowed prod servers to update.

So far the nextcloud iOS app won’t authenticate locally.
The ownCloud iOS app will authenticate locally.
Fqdn is used. Fqdn works locally in iOS safari.
The calendars work, and I can’t see that carddav is broken, using both on iOS.
Nextcloud windows client does not connect using fqdn locally but if using a vpn tunnel out it will connect, as soon as the tunnel is closed the desktop client loses connection. One install is v12 and another is 12.0.2. iOS app is 2.17.6, I’m leary about updating the app to .7 because then I’m stuck.
I know this is barely helpful but I don’t have the hours to put into working this through and documenting it, plus I’m upset that this has broken yet again, last time the iOS app was unusable for almost a month, now the desktop app is broken along with mobile. Again I know this isn’t solving the problem but I’m losing faith in open source and shortly iCloud will have endpoint encryption. My knee jerk guess is this is a WebDAV auth issue,
Regardless, to the op, your not alone.
I wish I had the time to troubleshoot this for you but it’s a terrible time for me this month.

@bfast, you said you were leary on going to .7 but my iOS app just got updated to .8 today (Sept 8, 2017)?

The connection/auth is still broken in this version still, however.

@fmoses it’s also the ios client for you?

As of now… ios nc app 2.17.8 against nc 12.0.0, using fqdn from the wan, sometimes the connection times out, other times it displays the file tree but fails to download any selection and falls back to the credential screen. When I try to switch accounts… to another nc server, it falls back to orig account and says 'transfers in progress, please wait… and fall back to cred screen.
NC server logs show ‘login failed’.
Works from the web browser using same fqdn from the same location outside the wan.
Works from ios oc app occasionally using the same fqdn, other times it shows cannot connect messages.

After several attempts was able to get it to stay on the 2nd account in the nc app.
ios nc app 2.17.8 against nc 12.0.2, using nc server ip I have full connection and ability to download,
after deleting account and using local domain name in nc app I can auth but then get a ‘request failed: unimplemented (501)’.
ios oc app against nc 12.0.2, using nc server ip I have full connection and ability to download.
after deleting account and using local domain name in oc app I get ‘server not found’ before credential entry, eventually the oc app connects and then states, ‘cannot authenticate against this server’.

Since the owncloud app works against the 12.0.0 server using fqdn most times, I will not upgrade that server to 12.0.2 until I can get consistent op from the nextcloud app against the 12.0.2 server.

I’m on Android @tflidd

You will probably need to provide some logfiles from your server. The webserver access log should show if there was any access and the error status, error.log contains more error infos and of course the nextcloud.log.