App no upload Android

Manual upload of a file does not work via the official Nextcloud app (Android). Automatic upload from the gallery is not a problem. I have tried it from different apps (e.g. Gallery, Scanner). No upload to my cloud has worked.
I select the file or image and then share it via the Nextcloud app icon and select the appropriate folder to upload the file to. No file is listed in the “Upload” tab either, although an upload should take place.

Check server logs or if on ncp run

sudo ncp-report

and share via pastebin or similar.

Also share the version server and app you are on?

I’m on NCP v 1.33.0, NC 20.0.3, Android app 3.14.1 and working very well.

App 3.14.1

I use the normal way to share about the share button => NC App

I would recommend to use the search function of the forum first next time, before creating a new post which has already been asked and answered :wink: