App no longer functions correctly


I’ve developed an app which allows Nextcloud users to login using
AAF Rapid Connect ( in combination with
“user_ldap”. The app contains a single method which is routed to,
via a POST.

In versions of Nextcloud prior to 13 such as 11 and 12, to
ensure the app operates correctly with all browsers it seems
it is necessary to add endpoint code to lib/base.php very similar
to the code that’s there for “user_saml” (in NC < 13).

With 13 the code no longer exists for “user_saml” and
consequently code isn’t added for my app. Problem
is the app now only functions correctly using Firefox and
some lesser used browsers - it definitely doesn’t work with
Chrome. With Chrome the logs indicate the POST code doesn’t get
executed - instead the POST turns into a GET resulting in a 405
return status code.

Any insights, suggestions etc. welcome.