App Login Error: Wrong Password (Desktop App, etc.)

Hello Community,

I will try to tell you my problem as short as possible.

  • Tried to create new App Login (I think it’s devices & sessions in English or something like that) for the Desktop App (because I use U2F).
  • Getting error that I use the wrong password.
  • Deleted an older login just to check.
  • Recreated the new login as a substitute for the now deleted old.
  • Now I can’t login into that machine either.
  • When trying to login with the “standart password” I can get in but that does not help because the apps do not support U2F.

It has worked before. Is there a already known fix for it? Or where do I begin debugging?

Your sincerely,

Nextcloud Version: 15.0.2

Please delete. I was to dumb to use the App-Token login screen instead of the normal one. Sorry.