App Installation in NextCloud 20.0.7

Hello experts,

My NextCloud installation is 20.0.7. I would like ti use OnlyOffice . According to a guideline I need to install the “Community Document Server App” in order to use OnlyOffice. Unfortunately there is no “Community Document Server App” in NextCloud 20.0.7. Please do you know if there is an alternative for NetxCloud 20.0.7?

Thank you and best regards

You could install the Server manually to do sow execut following commands and adjust the parts with your

tar -zxvf documentserver_community.tar.gz
rm documentserver_community.tar.gz
mv documentserver_community  /yourpath/yourpath/nextcloud/apps
cd  /yourpath/yourpath/nextcloud/apps
chown -R www-data.www-data documentserver_community

Note execute all commands as sudo.
Then go to your appstore of your nextcloud search for the documentserver and aktivate it.

Hope i could help you


Thank you very much for the help. I will try it!

Best regards