App Idee: Ein/Ausgangsrechnungen - Incoming / outgoing invoices

I’ll write in English: (Austria)

I plan to make a new App for Incoming and Outgoing invoices. I’m not experienced with Nextcloud developing but I’m a Developer.
My Plan is that when you add a file you can give the file additional Details

  • Incoming/Outgoing (Bool)
  • Contact (Nexcloud Contacts)
  • Ammount / Tax
  • Date (YYYY MM DD)
  • Nextcloud Project or Category

This can also be done for directorys. But at directory level you should not fill in all Informations.
For Example you can make a Structure
Incoming/2020/Project 1
(Directory incoming just defines the value in/out, 2020 just the year of the Date and Project 1 just a Catoegory.
When you put an Invoice in the Directory. you can add the missing values.
Because if there is a File in the Directory with missing values the programm can alert you.
So the File can be created in here via Multiple ways (E-mail upload, Workflow, Direct Upload, …)
Then we just need a View to calculate a certain Filter (Year 2020, Project 1) and so on.

I hope you get the Idea. I want to reuse every point on Nextcloud and just extend it a bit.
Is there someone who is experienced and willing to help me.
Is it even possible (and the right way) to extend the “Details” Tab of a File/Dir with an App?

Yes I saw Cospend and even talked to the maintainer. You can misuse cospend for this but it is not done the nice way.

Perhaps later this can be extended to write own Invoices / Bills in Nextcloud or even have articles and so on. But for start I want to keep it simple as possible.
I would need this for a management of an makerspace where i participate. But I think this could be useful to a lot of small companies.


Very cool idea!!!

A positive Feedback is great. But I hoped someone can participate an help me. I’m more the Java guy and could need some help for this. If someone is willing to help, we can make this together. I cannot start alone, because i know how this would end.