App idea: email enabled folders

One feature of other cloud storage services is to allow for email enabled folders.

Sending an email to a unique address will result in the attachments of that email being uploaded to that specified folder. Effectively, every folder could have a unique email address.

There is the files_frommail app which only creates 1 email enabled folder and does not yet work with v18, but that’s not sufficient.

Maybe come combination of using the new flows and something like files_frommail could achieve the same result?

Thoughts? Or pointers to the functionality if it already exists in v18 and I’ve missed it.


Just an Idea.
Create multiple Users in Nextcloud. Every one with its own Adress and Folder.

There is already an app for that:

Thanks alfred, that plugin is not yet compatible with v18 and it only supports mail to one folder, not many folders with individual email addresses.

Even for v17, it is very difficult to set up and get running properly.

So, it is completely unsuitable as is.

Thanks schu-r, but how does mail to that address get into that folder? There is nothing that currently does this for multiple folders.

Yes, @cult doesn’t seem to be very active anymore with this app. But maybe you could at least put a feature request on Github so this gets more attention?

Well, I am currently working on a new version for 18 that should be released within the next few days :]


Awesome, looking forward to that! :slightly_smiling_face: