APP - Group folders - Quotas management


Can you tell me who is the owner of the share folder ?
Uploaded files count against which one’s quota ? Where can I manage this quota ?


NextCloud V12

Admins own the shared folders, and as far as I can see quota hasn’t been implemented against them.

Thanks for your reply
So I assume that there is no quota for Shared folders

Not unless @jospoortvliet @nickvergessen or @LukasReschke say so. It definitely doesn’t look that way.

@icewind do you know more about this?

Currently group folders do indeed have no quota but it’s something I have on my radar to add once I have some time for it

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Thank you all

Now, the quotas are implemented.

I am still unsure:
Do files users create/place into a shared folder count against the users quota or against the quota of the groupfolder?


@icewind can you give an update on this? Is it yet possible to set a quota on the group folder and is this counted to the admin user? If there are multiple admins, on which should i set the quota?

Group folder quota is counted separate and not counted against any of the users or admins

check! thanks