App Gnome: What's the difference to the current integration without this app? (The discussion Button seems broken)

What is the Difference to the integration without this app?
It seems that all links point to but not to the repo of this app.

Nothing afaik. It is the current integration. But I have no idea why it is listed on, because it is not an app that you can install on your server and therefore you also won’t find it in the app store on your nextcloud.

There is an Integration category since some time. also lists other integrations and even mobile apps for Android and iOS, which you, obviously, also cannot install on your server :slight_smile:

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I was wondering why this app was missing. Thanks for the hint.
Do I understand it right, that this app represent the integration and also the developper of this integration.

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Yes. It represents the integration with the GNOME Desktop Environment. As a GNOME user, you can simply log in to your Nextcloud under Settings → Accounts, without installing additional software on the server or on your computer. I’m using this for calendar and contacts and it works well with the native GNOME calendar and contact apps. It also integrates nicely with Evolution. You can also use it with the GNOME files app. But I use the Nextcloud Desktop Client for that, because not every desktop app does play nice with files provided via WebDAV.