App for coordination of meetings like doodle

What do you think about an app, which helps to coordinate meetings or dates like doodle does, but with a calender integration, federated sharing and support for users, who are not users of the owncloud instance?

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What you describe does not seam “an app” to me.

It seems more a mixture of core functionalities and apps using them.

Part of the core functionalities already exist
Part of the apps already exist

I remember a doodle-like app in the owncloud market (, but I did not find it in the nextcloud one and the development seems to be stalled.

Regarding the other functionalities, have a look to the following links:

Hope that helps!

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I think a big problem could be, that Doodle AG holds a patent, which describes the method Doodle uses. I have no knowledge in patent legals, but I am afraid, this could prevent programming and distribution of a similar aproach.

There was an app for owncloud versions:

just in case someone will read this from now on:

Nextcloud version!!! :slight_smile:


Great. Just tested it and it works. Thanks for the hint.

Old post, but since I found my way here others might as well.

I looked at nextcloud appointments and think it aims at solving your needs. I tested it and unfortunately I am not convinced regarding the usability. They do, however, offer to implement features if people are pay for it. Habe allok at it: