App dev documentation could be improved

The past few months i’ve been trying to develop an app for kerberos authentication and by following the documentation on app dev it gets pretty hard. Basically the documentation tries to make you follow silly examples that don’t quite work when tested. I think it could be improved, so people that don’t have much experience with php/nextcloud developing could work too.

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If you are interested in helping out create an issue on the documentation repo and file some pull requests. Sure docs could be improved but people are not really interested in it, so someone else needs to jump in :wink:

PS: examples are not silly but simply outdated :wink:

Also if you are interested in improving documentation, let me know.

Definitely need some better documentation. I’m having to rely on every other source on the web to find solutions to issue. Right now I have been trying to get the config directory to work after it all of a sudden was “no good”

As said by @BernhardPosselt, contribution to documentation are greatly appreciated !

I have also run into some issues with the documentation, and I intend to help improve it.

What is the app that follows the most up-to-date best practices, so I can use that as an example?


Just start with it and request feedback for small portions. Just avoid Anything that mentions OC::$server since thats a global. Many devs just dont give a fck to actually use a constructor :wink:

@srbaker also join #nextcloud-dev on and I can give you a quick rundown