App dependencies (PrivacyIdea)

Hey there!

Just installed a fresh and sweet Nextcloud server for my home lab. Working great so far, been running owncloud for a while but figured this was the right way forward. I didn’ t migrate anything towards Nextcloud, just did a fresh install so i can start fresh :slight_smile:

I used to use TOTP with owncloud, which users would install themselves. But i’d rather have my privacyidea server do the 2FA authentication. I downloaded the app via GIT. However, the app responds that dependencies are not met. So, i tried to uncomment the dependencies but i still can’t enable the app.

Since this is not a production server, is there a way to bypass the dependencies? Or should i stick to waiting for a update for the app?


You probably mean ownCloud/Nextcloud dependencies, correct? Nextcloud requires a min-version and max-version in the Nextcloud tab so deleting everything isn’t going to work. Ideally privacyIDEA publishes their app also for the Nextcloud store which should only involve adding a <nextcloud min-version="…" max-version="…"/ tag.

I’d honestly file a feature request in their issue tracker :slight_smile:

Allright thanks! Will do