App + DB Server - where to allocate storage?

I’m planning on building a nextCloud instance in AWS. My team as asserted that the Application and Database be on separate servers.

I’m not clear on how files are stored in nextcloud. Given that I need about 250 gigabytes of storage for the files I’ll be hosting, do I:

  1. allocate 250 gigs to the application server, and throw X amount at the db server
  2. allocate 250 gigs to the db server, and throw X amount at the application server

I’ve read the Deployment Recommendations but it doesn’t get into this specific case. I’m pretty sure I should be doing option 2, but would very much like if someone could confirm or point out docs that would confirm this assumption.


All data is stored flat-file on the server’s configured data folder. I can’t tell you how to size your database as that differs based on usage, number of users, etc, etc. but in terms of raw data storage, you should be allocating enough to cover requirements on the application server.

Thanks for your quick response! Soon after I posted, I figured “why not just upload a file and see for yourself”, and immediately saw the data partition take the hit.