App activation freezes nextcloud instance

Dear Nextcloud community,

I’ve been using/hosting an instance the past years and found in all cases similar issues and related articles to solve my issues. However, after recently migrating all necessary data to a fresh install, I was planing to set up my Collabora Online Document Server again. While installing the app as the last step, my instance did not react anymore (timed out). Strangely, this is only affecting the Nextcloud service as the default Apache webpage responds. Using the console to disable the application fixed the reachability issue as an interim solution.

Trying to dig through the nextcloud logs, I couldn’t retrieve any signs of what might be the cause.
Everytime I enable (either web interface or via occ) the instance “freezes”.

I followed some other attempts of purging the app → removing db tables, app folder in nextcloud webspace and the data directory.

I also upgrade today to 22.2.0 which is behaving the same way.

Nextcloud: 22.2.0
Ubuntu: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

I hope someone else experience similar issues with an app and has an idea where I could start narrowing done the root cause.

Much appreciated for any insight.

Kind regards,

Hi all,
investigating further, I was able to narrow down the issue to the file Applications.php located at nextcloud/apps/richdocuments/lib/AppInfo/

I will also look into the repository on GitHub to see if there is any information available.

Hi all,
in case anyone else runs into this issue, I received insight from Julius from Nextcloud on GitHub which solved the issue. :ok_hand: