API: URL / Path to App

Hello everybody,

I recently started maintaining the Dashboard app (https://github.com/dehnhardt/nc_dashboard). One of the new benefits (still implemented by the creator “flost”) is, that every app developer can add an widget by using it’s public api - which I consider as nearly stable;-)
One thing I like to add is an link to the app which provides the widget.
Is there an api call to get the URL of an application?


Not really, but similar to the navigation I expect this to be part of the API, so each app should fill it themselves:

Also note, that there might be apps that provide a widget, which don’t even have a page themselves (e.g. notifications, which just has a dropdown, etc.)

Yes, I’m aware of that but I thought it might be best to generally add the link and add an option in the API to suppress it…
On the other hand, if the app developer can provide the URL by himself it would be possible for him to add some special parameters.
So I will add an URL-field to the API.
Thanks for replying!