API Token expired on apps/passwords/#/folders

Greetings everyone,

first of all I’m very happy that there is a great community helping each other solving their issues.
Yesterday, I had a problem updating my personal nextcloud instance. After restoring backup files and connecting with the existing database, everything was looking fine. But today I discovered an issue with the passwords app. Whenever I’m trying to open the folders I get a prompt mentioning the API token is expired.
In the browser dev tools I see, that requests to ‘apps/passwords/api/1.0/session/open’ and ‘apps/passwords/api/1.0/session/show’ are failing with 401 because of a CORS issue, even though basic auth is set in the request header.
Did anyone ever experienced this or a similar problem?

Nextcloud Version: 22.2.3
Passwords Version: 2021.12.20

Finally I found what was missing.
.htaccess was messed up after the backup :see_no_evil:

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