API payment gateway

I’m looking for someone who can help with the implementation of API payment gateway integration into a modified nextcloud ?
Reactions are very welcome

Modified how? And where does a payment gateway fall into place ?

Please take a look into this ?

Register and you will ses payment system onder upgrade!

What I need to do is connect the app with the website that people can buy space through the app as well

You are aware of the AGPL license attached to nextcloud? As it looks like you have modified the core of nextcloud to make dropdepo.

Nextcloud is opensource right?

Open source doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. If you modify software that has the agpl license your derived work also has the same license. Is dropdepo open source?

No Dropdepo its not open source however we are still working on it and i did not have time to look deeper into the AGPL but I am sure we solve this problem with Powered by the Nextcloud.

Before you do any more work. Read up on the AGPL license. And do talk with nextcloud.

Because your software as it is right now seems to violate the AGPL license.

I will get in touch with Nextcloud tomorrow and see how far do we get.