APCu+Redis for PHP 7.1 on Debian / armhf

Hey there,

am I right that there is not yet a PHP7.1 package of APCu and Redis for Debian/Raspbian armhf?

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with current raspbian jessie and backport+stretch repos for PHP7.0. PHP7.1 do I find on some 3rd party repo with jessie-backports, but I did not yet find APCu/Redis for this :confused:. If somebody knows a way to upgrade my system, I would appreciate.

€: A share, I still do not see php7.1-apcu nor php7.1-redis on any Debian repository :frowning:.

Do you really need php 7.1? And then on armhf? There is a FreeBSD version for arm devices, or directly use archlinux, they ship newer php packages by default (better supported).

Hehe no not β€˜need’ indeed, but I would love to stay at/try newest versions. Just wondering why it takes so long, not even on sid repo it is present, where on ubuntu it is already stable, as far as I know.

Thx for OS distro hints, but I want to stick with debian/raspbian for several reasons. Just checked archlinux, quite a nice approach, but as far as I see, php-redis is not available there at all e.g. :slight_smile:.

You should ask this the debian community. But they are not focused on the newest software versions.

Did you try to install apcu from source in pi?
apcu sources
Use phpize command to install this extension

Good idea, I will try this. Sounds easy with php7.1-dev => phpize.
Exists also for redis: https://pecl.php.net/package/redis

Yeah will close this. I guess there is not more possible than waiting, getting some information from debian community or using the sources. Latter seems quite easy, so I will mark this as solution :slight_smile:.

An easier way would be using deb.sury.org which provides armhf packages.

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Totally forgot this one. It does not provide a buster repo, but stretch is working just fine, so far without error on my test system just uninstall php7.0- packages first, that ondrejs repo does not offer to upgrade them anymore, and install php- packages, which are dummies for php7.1-, or directly choose php7.2- :smiley:.

Btw. Debian/Raspbain Buster now offers PHP7.2 and Redis + APCu modules are working so far on PHP7.1: https://packages.debian.org/buster/php-redis

€: Now also php-redis and php-apcu from Buster repo support PHP7.2: https://packages.debian.org/buster/php-apcu
This however did not arrive to Raspbian Buster, but should follow soon.