APCu is a data cache - what to do with the php.ini

Hello, i installed ACPU at php 8.0 on my ubunto 18.04 server with plesk.

Here ist standing, that i have to adjust the php.ini

APCu is disabled by default on CLI which could cause issues with nextcloud’s cron jobs. Please make sure you set the apc.enable_cli to 1 on your php.ini config file or append --define apc.enable_cli=1 to the cron job call.

Where can i find the php.ini ?
What is here to to (i’m a newbie - so i need a condrete command…)

Thanks in advance


apt -y install mlocate && updatedb && locate php.ini

Under Plesk i think i have the right file - haven’t I?

Is it right, that i have to append at the bottom of this file here in plesk only the line:

php ini