Apache2 Debian Default page briefly displayed before Nextcloud login page

When I navigate to my NC installation from a browser the Apache2 Debian Default It works page is displayed for a second or 2 before the Nextcloud login page. I also am unable to connect to this machine through the Andriod app or desktop client. The Android app says “server instance not found” when I enter the server address.

I have another machine installed using a snap package and that works fine with the android app and desktop client so the problem is a configuration issue in my machine.

Where do I need to look to find the problem?

My install steps and hardware are listed in this post

I’ve found that I can connect the desktop client and android app if I add /nextcloud to the end of my server address (my.nextcloudbox.example/nextcloud) in the app and client. So it looks like there is something slightly screwy with my apache2 configuration. Is this a possible security risk that needs to be looked at or can I ignore this and mark the problem solved?