Anyone using E2E Encryption? Is it still proof-of-concept? Please share your experience

Hi, I’m wondering if you are actually using or relying on E2E client side, end-to-end encryption. How is it? Is it still in a proof of concept phase, as mentioned on the official website?

Does anyone prefer Cryptomator, which is mentioned here on the official blog as a better choice?

Curious to hear about performance, app compatibility, state of recovery via seed, etc. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

I tried to use E2E encryption. I got started and a dialog popped up, “write down these twelve words, they are your passphrase”.

Silly me didn’t write them down. I can still access my encrypted files from that device but not from any other device. The app has no option to show those twelve words again despite the fact that it knows them.

I do not reccomend you attempt to use this feature until this is fixed.

Please note that this (from github):

does note seem to be true.