Anyone interested in my list of issues getting my Nextcloud Box working?

I took some notes on the various problems getting my Nextcloud Box set up. I believe I have everything working correctly, except for a speed issue with clients on my LAN, so I have no immediate problems, but I thought someone might be interested.

Example: The little Torx tool for screwing down the Pi board did not fit the screws provided. Luckily I had my own set.

Weird, the screwdriver fit the screws perfectly fine on mine.

I 've got the same issue with the screws, I tried 2 of them, then gave up and put the pi in the box without screw :frowning:

I, also, had problems with screw driver. The one I received was such a soft metal, it stripped itself on the first screw. I had my own screw driver and completed the install without further issue.

The screw driver was tossed in the trash for it was useless due to being too soft of a metal.

Me too, the screwdriver end was too ‘long’, but I filed down the end to make it shorter and it fitted well