Anyone has done a study on Anycloud Vs Collabora?

We are using AnyCloud for spreedsheet and docs, there seems to be some problem in Linux Desktops.
Mainly in spreedsheet is not working properly on Linux Desktop.

I want to switch to Collabora for spreedsheet, anyone has used it so far? How is it compared to AnyCloud? Please share your views.

Hi @Dhanasekar_Mani

I don’t know anyCloud. What software are they using? Do they have their own applications or are they maybe even using Nextcloud and Collabora with their own branding…?

What exactley do you mean by not working on the Linux Desktop?

Collabora online, which you can use together with Nextcloud is not a desktop app. It’s supposed to work in a browser. I have no issues with it, neither on Firefox or Chromium. But if you want to use a desktop app, you can sync your files to your local machine using the Nextcloud Desktop client and then edit them with any app you want. I use LibreOffice, on which Collabora online is built on btw. There is also a Collabora desktop app, but that’s technically just LibreOffice with a support contract.

Hi, just a friendly reminder that this forum is specific to Nextcloud. :slight_smile: If you have questions about your other service, I’d try reaching out to them (Anycloud) directly with your questions.

Integrations are available within Nextcloud, but most general Collabora specific questions might be better suited to their forum, which is independent from Nextcloud. If your interest is in desktop software you’ll want to check out LibreOffice.

It is difficult to offer suggestions since what you are asking might not have anything to do with Nextcloud, open source software, or Collabora. Please consider if this forum is the right place to ask your questions, and perhaps then you can re-phrase your questions into ones we can understand and discuss. :thinking:


Thank you, I will ask in the relevant forums.