Anyone else have NC CalDAV killing plasmashell?

I just encountered a bug with Nextcloud’s CalDAV and KDE Plasma 5.8.5 (primarily on Fedora 24/25).

What I did:
I set up KOrganizer to use Nextcloud’s CalDAV and CardDAV capabilities. In the Digital Clock widget, I went to enable viewing the Nextcloud calendar events in the PIM plugin. Here’s where it went south.

What happens:
When I choose Nextcloud to be viewed in the digital clock widget on my taskbar and then click enable, my memory fills up in seconds (plasmashell process), CPU spikes to 100%, sometimes swap fills up some and eventually plasmashell crashes and restarts itself.

My findings:
I haven’t tried this outside of Fedora 24/25 and the KDE 5.8.5 desktop, but I’m PRETTY sure I didn’t encounter this issue at least before Nextcloud server 11.0.1. I know this is directly associated with Nextcloud too because I tested it with my Google account and this problem did not occur. I see no mention of this, so would anyone like to try this out for themselves and see if it’s not just my computers?