Any way to upload a file to other user account with WebDav?


I need to upload files using WebDav to some users in my NC instance. I have an admin account and I can impersonate to all of them, but I don’t have their passwords to login directly to their account.

Is there any way to upload a file to a user using WebDav with the admin credentials?


Afaik, no. But you could upload the files to your account, or to the admin account, and then simply share them with the respective users. Also, If you want to share the same file(s) with a group of users, or all users, it’s even simpler: Just create a folder and share it with a group of users, or with all users, and then upload the files to that folder. As an alternative, you could also use the app Group Folders, which uses a more traditional approach in order to share files with multiple users.

Thanks, that’s not an option since the files must be in the users repo, not in mine. I’m doing it now using a backdoor way uploading directly to the filesystem and launching a occ files:scan for the user but that command is terrible slow and if I upload 200 files for 200 users y takes a lot of time (and a complete files scan takes hours).


But why? I think using Shared Folders or Group folders is a way better approach for most use cases (like e.g. templates etc…), unless the files are personalized or personal of course. But then you could still just share the files with individual users…

Yes, but I don’t see any other way for what you are trying to achieve. I mean, you could use the impersonate app to set up app passwords in each of the users accounts… However, that would be tedious process that you probably don’t want to go through. :wink: