Any way to sync ala iCloud Drive? ie all files visible?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to show all files that are in the synced folder regardless of whether they are actually synced?

iCloud Drive by default wont automatically sync large files or folders, but everything is still visible.
The various cloud icons next to files indicate whether a local copy exists and can then choose to download them.

In Nextcloud unless I’ve missed something, I have to uncheck folders in the settings. This system gets incredible messy and hard to maintain very quickly between multiple computers/users when you cant see files that are in the share, just not local.

Is it possible?

Hello and welcome to the community support forum.

Please use the search function and search for virtual drive - this topic has already been discussed many times. I think the last statement was, that this feature is planned but not ready yet.

You can mount your Nextcloud via WebDAV to mimic a similar behavior as a workaround (in combination with some selected folders to sync via the desktop client) until this feature is actually finished.

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Ok thanks for the reply, I’ll check out virtual drive.

Re WebDAV, I don’t know if it’s due to Apple’s implementation or something else, but in practical use WebDAV always seems to be unusably slow.

I just checked again right now to be sure I’m not imagining things.

36 seconds on my High Sierra iMac to get a directory list of 14 files.

42 seconds on my Catalina hackintosh to get the same directory.

And thats after the 15 or so second to negotiate the WebDAV connection.
Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

I use WebDAV with Kodi’s built in client to stream videos stored in Nextcloud and have no issues. Kodi takes only a few seconds to rescan two WebDAV media folders, and it streams smoothly.