Any way to make the iOS app use less disk space?

Hi everyone,

Like many iPhone users… I have too small of an iPhone and am constantly running out of disk space. I don’t actually have that much on the phone, but with only a 16GB storage (and a huge percentage of that going to the OS itself) I’m constantly battling against disk space usage.

Currently I am so low on space on my phone that I can’t even update some apps I have installed that are themselves not even that big…like Slack. The updates fail due to low disk space. I’ve already deleted pretty much all user content, keeping less than 5 or 10 pictures on my photos at any given time. I always use Nextcloud to offload the photos so I can keep my phone storage to a minimum.

But lately Nextcloud has grown to become the biggest consumer of space on my phone, using over 300MB for “Documents & Data”. I have the local cache disabled, and I go in periodically and say “delete cache” and clear out the log file, but that only reduces the usage by a few MB. Over time the space burden of Nextcloud keeps growing and growing and I don’t understand the need for the app to be storing ANYTHING on the phone aside from my login info.

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Is there anything else I can do to make the app more storage efficient? Is this something that is on the developers’ roadmap at all?


I have the same situation, but on my iPhone the app consumes more than 2,2 GB of space.

There are no offline files. I’ve cleared the cache. but nothing helped. I can’t find something that would explain the usage.

Does somebody have an idea?

You probably already solved this but, this helped me to reduce the app size from several GB to 77 MB (Each of the following steps reduced the app size):

  1. Clear cache (More > Settings > Advanced > Clear cache (close to the bottom) > Restart device – last likely not necessary)
    (steps from this helpful NC forum link: Nextcloud taking up a huge amount of space on iphone - #2 by Andreww)

  2. Then tried: More > Settings > Advanced > Clear Log file > close app (had to scroll)