Any known connection problems (Video) with the Nextcloud-Talk app on the iPhone at the moment?

Hello to the round,
Q: Are there any known connection problems with the Nextcloud-Talk app on the iPhone at the moment?

I have a request here in my company’s internal support, that after a system update (system update of this week) on the iPhone it is no longer possible to participate in a video conference. There is no connection establishment. Are there any hints for this?

Before the system update the app ran without problems

Many thanks


If there would be a general problem it would have already been reported but this is not the case yet afaik. I would recommend to search the help forum for further hints/information:

Due to the fact that you’re using the app in an enterprise environment, it might be worse to subscribe to a paid support contract to get direct professional support from the Nextcloud support team in the future :wink:

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Thank you J-ED for the advice.

However, the iPhone in question are private.
I had used the search function before as well. The entries there are all older.
No messages on this topic.

I have now added another user with the same problem. We were able to solve it easily in some cases.

This user has an iPhone XR and got the System-update to 14.2 a few days ago. This resulted in the Nextcloud-Talk app crashing when opening it.

A new reinstallation of the app solved this problem. The chat functionality exists. However, the user cannot make video calls. Here the problem still exists!

However, the problem is caused by the system update to version 14.2 and a new installation of Nextcloud-Talk only partially solved the problem. I’m not sure if I should also report this as a bug to the developers on Github.

Cheers, Frank

If Nextcloud is used in a business environment, acompany should usually have a support contract in place, independently who owns the client device :wink:

What do you want to report to the developers, that the iOS crashes the app? I don’t think that they will be able to prevent such crashes in the app, if the OS gets a major upgrade.

I would contact the support team of the company from which you’re accessing Nextcloud first, because they most likely also run their own turn server and should be able to solve such problems - independently if it is a privately owned device ord not :wink:

Thanks again to J-ED for the quick response and your advice.

One more short question. You think if an Apple system update crashes the video functionality of the Next Cloud Talk app, it could still be the turn server, even if everything worked fine before the update?

Cheers Frank

I just checked Github again.
The issue is already reported and known.

I think the matter is then settled here in the Forum

Cheers Frank

Due to the fact that Nextcloud and the turn server environment seems to work without a problem and hasn’t been updated, and no-one else has reported any problems using the Talk app, the problems have most likely been caused by the iOS update. I’m not aware about any trace function on an iOS device to narrow down the problem.

You wrote that the video function doesn’t work and NOT that the iOS app instantly crashes. :confused:

I mentioned it a few comments above.
Never mind,…it was easy to overlook. I should have mentioned it in the title

And later you wrote that only the video function doesn’t work :wink:

The problem described here has now been solved by the developers.

See here:

An update or a new installation on Talk iOS 10.1.2 solves the problem. The video chat will work again. Many thanks to the developers, especially for the fast reaction!

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