Any easy way to add metadata to old video files for date for correct sorting in Nextcloud?

I have converted some old MPG files to MP4 to minimize them, but the created date on them is now yesterday and therefor they are not placed correctly when searching for date inside nextcloud.

Is there someway to add some metadata manually to the mp4 files so that Nextcloud sorts them correctly?

Why not use tags?

Can I tag a date on a video?

That would make no sense. Use workflow and tagging. If file age or modification time stamp older than X, tag with specific tag.

I am not sure how that would help with sorting them by date in the media window

Click a video โ†’ Details.

There is already a lot info for each video. However there is a comment field. Maybe use the comment field for adding a โ€œmanualโ€ date?

There is several custom metadata apps in app store. They are unfortunately not keapt up to date with NC 25.