Any chance of running recognize on low memory VPS?

I can see the repo GitHub - nextcloud/recognize: 👁 👂 Smart media tagging for Nextcloud: recognizes faces, objects, landscapes, music genres mentions 4GB available memory. But most cheap storage VPS only have 1-2 GB memory total.

Is it possible to configure it to run on lower amounts, but slower instead?

Sure, but I wouldn’t recommend it, because, according to the description, even 4GB is rather tight:

(~4GB of free RAM (if you’re cutting it close, make sure you have some swap available)).

It will definitely be slower. But that won’t be your only problem, because if Recognize eats up all the RAM on your server, everything else in your Nextcloud will be slower as well. In addition to that, it’s also CPU intensive.

I mean you can test it, but I don’t think, it will be fun using it on a server with less than 4GB RAM. Better would probably be 8GB or even more…

Yes thats what I thought, but then the only good option is to buy a better home server and use external storage (Backblaze or similar) for backup I guess

Yep. And you don’t even need a very powerful CPU, because most Intel CPUs have supported AVX for years, including many low-power Celeron and Pentium models (with a few exceptions). So, even a lower-end Intel NUC with AVX support, 8 or better 16GB of RAM, and a reasonable sized SSD, would be better suited than most VPSs, and also much cheaper in the long run.

Maybe I can even run it on my old server with a A8-7600 cpu AMD A8-7600 Specs | TechPowerUp CPU Database since it have AVX.

Its not possible to somehow run Nextcloud on my local machine and do calculations there and connect it to a VPS hosted instance of Nextcloud to keep both a local and online copy of my photos? Then I wouldnt have to play around with online access to my home server and I need the online copy anyway. Also the Hetzner 1TB solution I use currently only costs 5€ a month, so backblaze is probably not much cheaper

No you can’t add another Nextcloud as compute instance to an existing Nextcloud, and even if it were possible, the external Nextcloud would need to be able to access the local Nextcloud somehow… So, the local Nextcloud would still have to be accessible from the internet.

You could add a Hetzner StorageBox or B2/S3 storage from Backblaze as an external storage to your local Nextcloud. However, in order to get the best performance, especially with large photo collections, I would recommend local SSD storage. You could of course still use B2 or a Storage Box as an off-site backup target.

Backblaze B2 is actually more expensive, (5$/TB vs €3.81 for a 1TB StorageBox) and they also charge egress fees.

Advantage of Backblaze B2: You only pay for what you need, while the StorageBoxes come in fixed sizes (1TB, 5TB, 10TB, 20TB).

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Do Storage box support S3 api? Cant see how I would add it to my nextcloud instance.

Wonder how it will perform when I add a link between the data, by having a request be
local server → external server => local server instead of just external, but I have 1000/1000mbit so hopefully its fine

No. You can see the supported protocols here: Storage

I would recommend SFTP or WebDAV. Please don’t use SAMBA over the internet. :wink:

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