[Answered] Question: Nextcloud-Client Data-Path lies on Encrypted partition

So I’m planning on following this (https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-encrypt-a-single-partition-in-linux/) guide to encrypt a separate partition on my device.

I currently have a dualboot System (Bitlocker-Encrypted Windows 10 - using TPM // Ubuntu LTS 18.04.1 - unencrypted, for now…) and using the Windows/Ubuntu Desktop-Client (both v 2.6.3) to sync one directory (one for each OS…) to my Nextcloud Instance (v 18.0.1).

This is where i got the Nextcloud-Client for Ubuntu (“bionic”):

So my Question is, does the Nextcloud-Desktop-Client detect and/or support a encrypted directory that may still be encrypted/unaccessible when the client wants to sync to the Nextcloud Instance?
Could this corrupt existing Files on my Nextcloud Instance? (Worst-case scenario, i know… ;D)

Im planning on at least following the guide and maybe testing the above tomorrow (in about 24 H) with a test-user (Nextcloud-User…) and updating this Question/Thread.
If all goes well i may just document my experience with this on here.

To conclude: There are no problems if the encrypted Volume is automaticly decrypted on login.