Anonymous upload directory in NC21

Hej NextClouders,

could anybody please help me to create a directory to give not-loggid-in users a chance to upload files?

I found Making anonymous uploads — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation , but this seemes to be for earlier versions.
The share settings in NC 21 look like:

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-05-11 18-00-35

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… And what is the problem with it? You’ve already found the right share dialog, create a link, allow uploading files as described in the document - that’s it :wink:

Hej j-ed,

you again… :wink:
Thanks for your offering help!

Well, the problem may be that I have a board in front of my head:
I am able to create a link and also it is possible to follow this link and get a view on the files that are already in that folder.
But how can I make it possible to upload files there? You say “allow uploading”. Where? How?
Those checkboxes ‘Allow editing’ and ‘Hide file listing’ (what is another wish) aren’t available…

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… and yes, the “Allow public uploads” box is checked on the admin’s management page for sharing.

it seems I got it, here’s the solution:

This overlay with settings for granting rights to upload or other didn’t appear in the browser after pressing on the three-point-button.
It only became visible when I scrolled up the page. Strange behavior (my browser: Firefox ESR on Debian Linux 10 with Gnome)…

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