Anonymous access via curl or wget


can you tell me, if there is way for external (anonymous) users to access nextcloud folders using curl (or wget), that I (as a standard user) have created for external access?


The folder is not really a folder. Ok it is internally a folder but not for the anonymous user. The Nextcloud user defines a share for a file or folder e.g.


But you can add /download to the share e.g.


and then the file can be downloaded directly or the folder can be downloaded as zip file. Maybe you search this feature. If not you will have to build something with WebDAV.

Also you can use the apps ShareRenamer or Configurable Share Links for a nice share name. But it’s more of an edge issue and doesn’t solve your problem.

For direct file access i think you can better use a normal webserver or a minimal filemanager e.g. Tiny File Manager. Then you can access every file in the webspace directory directly and allow or disallow access with .htaccess .

thanks a lot for your quick reply and sorry for my ignorance concerning all the terminology.
The problem I have is that we used to have an ftp server (as a research centre), which is now
discontinued and we try to mimic the functionality with nextcloud at the moment. This works
reasonable well for the most part, but the following quite common scenario is not covered yet:
We have scientists from other research centers and they want to send us data. They usually have those data on linux systems and it is very inconvenient for them to use browser uploads. Often they cannot even launch a browser on their platforms, because these are number crunching machines. So the clumsy approach is to transfer the data to a windows computer and then to upload via browser. Could you explain in simple words (for me :smiley:) how those external users could transfer data directly from a terminal window on a linux system?
Thanks a lot