Annoying issues with virtual files/virtual drive in enterprise environments

Virtual files in the new Windows Client 3.2 ist a good feature, but it seems to have some limitations.

  1. The target has to be a folder in the local filesystem. If I choose a network folder (Windows SMB 3.0 share), sync does not work. That’s very bad in enterprise environments for securty and backup reasons. Where can I find an information about this issue?
  2. There should be an option to choose selected folders and not all of them like the old way of syncing offers. In other words: the option to exclude some folders from sync.

Cheers, Hans

Why would you want to sync files from one file server (Nextcloud) to another file server (SMB Share) via a client computer. The sync client and especially the Virtual Files feature is designed to work with the files on a local computer and then sync the changes back to the Nextcloud server. It is not a backup software.

Why? With the Virtual Files feature, only the files that are actualy used on a client computer, i.e. double-clicked by the user, are actually downloaded/synced. But If you want to use the client the “old way”, you can still do so… But then you lose the Virtual Drive functionality.