Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3 - Brand New Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor and AI

And additionally at the moment in nextcloud 25rc2 the sorting seems to be wrong for me.

If scroll down my pictures I see

  • September 22
    • oldest in september
    • newest in september
  • August 22
    • oldest in august
    • newest in august

Anybody else thinks this is not intuitive? Don´t want to create an issue without feedback.


Actually, I’d like more example if that is cool. Could you include any screenshots, or maybe a quick pen mock up of how you would prefer to see it.

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If I understand your description the photos are sorted by two different principles:

  • months (and I assume also year) starting with most recent at the top
  • within month the order is the opposite, starting with oldest at the top.

I think you are right, this is not intuitive.


This line is likely the culprit:

at least it’s used by the timeline view and returns photos in descending order of their lastmodified date.

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cc @skjnldsv @artonge

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Hi there,
I created some wiremocks for it. Sorting is according to what @rollanders described.

This is the current sorting:

And I assume the following would be correct. From my point of view this is also the sorting within most other timeline based photo application (apple fotos, sonoloy photos, google photos…) I know.



@artonge If you have any suggestions let me know and I can create a pull request

Yes, I have the same issues. The sorting still seems to be in a beta stage. It also suddenly jumps and adds entries before the viewing date and jumps to different times. Hope that is sorted out in the next release candidate. Otherwise, the new Photos interface looks way better now. What I really still do not understand: It seems that all apps are using different preview files or have to generate them still. The preview generator created all previews, but when I open the Photos app, it seems to create its own previews then. Will be interesting when it comes to storage consumption and computing times for my 200k pictures :slight_smile:

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Yes you´re right. It seems to load the original files.

In my case, it is not the original files, but a preview with 256 height. When you right click on the previews and open it in a new tab, you can see the actual pictures size. But they vary from 256 px height to 1040 sometimes, which was not a value of my preview generator. The media handling could be a bit more streamlined on nextcloud, that would save storage, computing times and confusion (at least in my case). But the strange behaviour from the Photos app is the refresh with the lazy loader. It jumps and adds picture amounts to a place that I overscrolled (seen before) already.

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@AndyXheli Yes please ! Any PR is welcome in anycase :slight_smile:
You can start by looking there:

I cant’t find sortFilesByTimestamp anymore. Either it does not exist, and the .sort is not using it. Or it exists but the logic is wrong.


Photos, and other apps should use the same preview files. Some optimisation work was also done recently to limit the number of different requested sizes, to reduce the number of different previews for a given file. If this is not the case somewhere, the feel free to open a PR or at least an issue. :slight_smile:

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What impact do new features (Nextcloud Office, facial recognition, machine learning) have on performance to an existing installation of Nextcloud?

we did heavy work on performance, you will notice that nextcloud 25 is significantly faster and snappier than older versions


Thanks for the reply :wink: and thanks to all Nextcloud teams that make possible Nextcloud Hub 3.

But my question is about what impact on resource consumption(cpu,ram) the new features of facial recognition, machine learning and Nextcloud Office have on a Nextcloud installation with hundreds or thousands of users and hundreds of GB of stored data. Make myself understood?

PD: Again thanks for your amazing work!!! I’m a very happy Nextcloud administrator :blush:


Thanks a lot for your sweet message! As Frank said in the keynote, it’s a misconception that AI has such a large performance impact. Bottom line the performance improved in this release in a significant and noticeable way. We design for any instance scale. But of course it’s a bit of a layered question, because if one is responsible for an instance of so many users one should also get a support contract so the team can help fast in case of trouble :wink:

or maybe I’m opinionated as I manage our support team haha!


Oh, I’m sorry. Something was wrong and I saw Nextcloud photos app loading original 6MB photos. Now it works as expected. Sorry for confusing.


Sorry Daphne, I have bad news about this, the performance (RC3) is very poor compared with NC24. For example, I need >3 minutes just to enter then new mail app (about 15 seconds with the old one, and sincerely I use Rainloop in production because is much faster). The login to NC is also noticeable slower. Etc.

The new theme is very nice but for example I need to reload the page one or two times just to get all the icons for files and folders (in files app).

I love the new look&feel but…I’ve downgraded to NC24 since NC25 for me has a very poor performance, don’t know if there is some about my installation, will try the next RC.

It’s all great news, but somehow we don’t find many of the announced features. We have Nextcloud 25.0.0 RC3 with Contacts 5.0.0-rc1 and Talk 15.0.0-rc.3 installed, but somehow the following features are nowhere to find:

  1. Talk: Set messages to expire
  2. Talk: Menu button to create poll
  3. Contacts: Button to show the organisational chart

Anyone aware what we’re doing wrong/missing to see?