Announcements and Notifications

When creating and sending an Announcement no one ever gets it because no one is ever notified that the Announcement was made. If I go to Announcements, which is a dropdown menu on the toolbar under the ellipsis in my case, it doesn’t show any signs of there being a read or unread announcement, there is no red-dot on the Notification Bell icon of the toolbar and no one gets an email that an announcement was sent. Is this how this app is intended to work? If so what is the idea of why it would be used? Is anyone working on this app to make it better? It would be a great app but as of now it doesn’t actually Announce anything to the masses. PLEASE HELP!

Fixed my own problem. I was set to AJAX and nothing was updating. Changed to Cron and set the correct path to cron.php and here came a month’s worth of notifications.

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