Announcements about new AiO-versions missing in automated announcemnts on server

Hello peeps,

maybe I ran into a configuration-issue on my server or I clicked wrong but I won’t get informed about new AiO-versions on my server, whereas all daily informations about backups reach me every day after logging in (the way it should be).
So am I missing the point here or did I click somewhere wrong or am I missing a click somewhere?
Or is this little feature just not implemented, yet?

Thanks in advance for your advices.
Am running AiO 9.1.0 now.
If you’d need more details, pls let me know


Hi, did you enable automatic container updates?

@szaimen no, as I want to decide myself when to update or when to wait. So a notification would be great.

In the meanwhile I read that there should be a notificiation first saturday after an update was published. I never saw that, I think,

Hm… That should work… Here is the code in question: all-in-one/Containers/mastercontainer/ at 52cb90a80294588bcc7c78518084e073fbcbbb89 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

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I’ll take good care about that notification next time… (after 29.0.4. and AIO 9.2.0 got released) and will wait for the things that are going to happen or not during following Saturday.

I’ll get back to this thread then and tell about the news.

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