Announcement: Nextcloud Yaga - Nextcloud first Android Gallery App

Hi everyone!

So the app I am currently writing just went into open beta. It is a Nextcloud first gallery app for Android. If you are interested check it out:

And here are the docs: Home - Nextcloud Yaga

Keep in mind though that it is in early beta state. So it is fairly stable but missing a lot of features. Also I have tested it only on a very limited amount of devices.



Nice! Does it support the Nextcloud Single Sign On?

Not yet! Currently it only supports the server login flow. It is a Flutter app though so I will need to do some investigating first.


I installed this and logged in but cannot see anything. When I try to log out and log back in it says too many incorrect attempts. Possible 2fa bug?


The login issue could have something to do with the webview itself. Can you try to reset the app cache and try again to login? If it does not work please open a issue on Github.

Regarding the empty view:
Currently you still have to change the path in the settings after login. Yaga does not automatically scan your cloud for images.

I’m a bit confused by how this app works. It seems to have its own local data directory, rather than just sharing the local data directory used by the main Nextcloud app. This means every file needs to be downloaded twice. I tried changing Yaga’s local data path to match the Nextcloud app’s data path but then everything stopped working (no files showed up, loading icon never disappeared).

Have I just missed something obvious?


Did you try setting up the root mapping to point to your local Nextcloud files app directory as described in the docs?

If this does not help can you open a ticket on Github?


Yes I’ve tried exactly that and it just “loads” forever. I will open a GitHub ticket. Side-note: all of the media on the docs site are broken (seemingly everything in