Android update caused re-downloading of all Instantupload

Updated my android 6.0.1 today and nextcloud started to redownloaded everything in my instand-upload directory. On my windows system these files had a (2) at the end (duplicate file). I reinstalled nextcloud but that didn’t fix the issue. Still tries to redownload everything. What happened and how can I fix it. I have the latest Android client.

Are you on 1.4.3? Jump on the RC - it may help as 1.4.3 with 6.x is a bit buggy at the moment.

What is the latest APK that I could download. Is it safe to use the nightly builds? I tried the beta playstore but it uninstalled my owncloud installation that I use as a backup when nextcloud goes haywire. Plus it’s a pain to go through all that software testing junk.

Installing the Play Beta is more of a pain than dealing with “X” duplicate files? OK.
Nightly is potentially unstable. Beta is on RC6 so very close to full release, definitely more recommended and should not clash with a completely differently-named OC app.

Excuse my ignorance, but how does one find/install the RC channel? Thanks.

Never mind…Found it on f-droid

I get the corruption message.

Corruption message? If you’ve not used anything below RC6 before you can ignore it.

Looks like things are working w/ the RC6 version. Although I still get the quite-oft crash on clicking on the nextcloud icon (I think when it’s already running in the background where is should bring it to the for-front).

Hmm, have you seen that reported on GitHub? If not make sure you raise it - I can’t replicate this.

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