Android shortcuts for Folders and Photos


I’d like to propse the feature of Android shortcuts you can place on the homescreen, so you can start the app directly in a folder defined in the shortcut or even in Photo mode.

It is quite tedious to always have to open the menu and select photos instead of being able to start directly into that view (/Activity)


Hi @Pingger,

please see/follow for discussion/development. Also beware that the issue tracker over there would be the best place to post feature request since that is where you usually find the developers :slight_smile:


@Andy Its frustrating to read that thread, because from my perspective as someone who could really use this feature, what I see is a volenteer coming around to add needed functionality, and then a bunch of devs added a bunch of work to their plate. I can see some nicer folks came along later, but comments like This is particular are super galling to see:

I take the smiley as you joking, but just to explain: There being so many entries in the menu is exactly the problem, we should not add more, especially not ones which will be used extremely rarely.

This is exactly the kind of quality of life accessibility feature that normal people care about / use heavily. “it clutters up the menue” is not a good reason for denying people functionality. I have four other file browsers installed on my tablet, 3 of them from fdroid, and all four have this feature.

Until this feature gets added, does anyone have a good workaround? Like an app that lets me quckly save the nextcloud internal URL as a shortcut on my homescreen? Firefox / chrome browser “add to home page” functions open those browsers when what I want is to open the nextcloud app.

I currently have 30 tasker tasks that each do nothing but open an internal nextclouid share URL. But dealing with tasker is even more of a pain then just clicking through the nextcloud file system, and both really screws with my workflow when all I am trying to do is read a pdf I saved in a foulder in a foulder in a foulder a couple months ago.

I should not have to deal with a system like the bellow: (nevermind the comment box wont let up upload screenshots for some reason so screw it I’m not going to waste more time just trying to prove I actually waste a bunch of time trying to work around the absence of this feature)

I solved installing an app which is called “Shortcut Creator”. Then I go to chrome, go on the file/folder desired and then three dots of Chrome and “Share”.
Choose Shortcut Creator as sharing method and create the share on the desktop