Android Phone/Contacts app to work with DavDroid?

I have the Calendar working on my Android phone with Nextcloud via CalDav. However, finding a suitable phone/contacts app has eluded me. A lot of the phone apps automatically work with a Google account with no option to use other accounts. The app called Truephone appears to support use with non-Google accounts but even though I select use of CalDav I see no contacts in the Truephone app.
Has anyone had success with Truephone or can anyone recommend a phone/contacts app that will work with Nextcloud in the way I have described or otherwise?

try simple contacts made by simplemobiletools. it’s open source… you even can discuss things with the dev (from czech rep). at least it shows all my nc-contacts (but i don’t use davdroid)

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Thanks for the advice. However, I now think that the problem I am having is that DavDroid isn’t picking up the contacts. I see that there a calendar symbol appears next to the synced calendar account in DavDroid, but there is nothing next to the contacts accounts. I have my contacts on NextCloud but they appear not to be syncing to my phone. So, now I am at a loss as to what to try next.

as i’m not running davdroid i can’t help you here. but i know that it should be possible. so i suggest to just re-check entered data for mistypings etc…

I’m using Davdroid, Simple Contacts, and Simple Calendar. They’re all working fine.

But if Davdroid was working for you, it shouldn’t matter what apps you’re using. They should all display what Davdroid syncs.

I honestly don’t know what the issue could be. Since it looks like nothing is being sync’d, I’d check to make sure you’re Nextcloud apps are up to date.

Also, I’ve historically had issues with Self Signed Certificates. Is your connection encrypted, and how are you encrypting it?

Lastly, check your webserver config. It’s possible you’re not sharing the TLS certificate chain which means some browsers will accept it, but others wont. It might be causing Davdroid to recognise your server but fail anyway.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head!

(NB: I’m also using LineageOS14.1 without gapps, but I doubt that makes a big difference.)

Thanks for your comments. I now have the resident phone app in Lineage working. The app is just called ‘Phone Version 3.00.00’. The’ True Phone’ app didn’t work at all. I also installed ICSDroid which permits me to include third party calendars in my calendar display widget.
I have a fairly minimal Google presence on my phone but I now plan to reflash Lineage and not install gapps. So, all is working well now thanks!

Of possible interest: I have a Nextcloud snap is working on a Pi 2 with all data stored on a hard disk. All files and database are automatically backed up daily on a 3 month rsync cycle.

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