Android Phone account on Nextcloud (not a YKW-account)

So taking control of your data is important to you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:. As it is to me too.:selfie:t4:
So when my new (Fair)phone arrived, it took me some hours to reinstall /e/OS from as a G00G|€-free phone (so no You Know Who account needed).

Took some practice and unlocking of the bootloader (which I afterwards locked again).

Guess what! Instead of creating an email address at Murena I created an email address on my own domain, created that account on my own nextcloud instance and then used that address to register my phone with /e/OS on my own cloudserver.

It works like a charm, automatically syncs my phone to my cloudserver and the phone tells me that I can upgrade my plan :v:t4: (although my full 3Tb is at my disposal for the phone to be used) :crazy_face:

Maybe this idea may appeal to you too.