Android or IOS Apps of Nextcloud Background

Hi Community Members,

We are using the Nextcloud application in our organization of Nextcloud22.2 Version.

As I am new to Nextcloud I have to know some features whether it is available or not.

  1. I need to change my Nextcloud Talk mobile application either in IOS or Android background with some photos or logos while we chat which is similar to what we can able to change in the WhatsApp application.
  2. Is there we can open the Nextcloud Talk application for Android or IOS offline like WhatsApp chat.
  3. Is there we can migrate every individual Nextcloud Application of Talk, Files, Deck, Calendar, Contact into a single mobile application.

Kindly give me a suggestion for whether the above options are available or if it is not how we can able to achieve this above process.

For 1 and 2, please search for something similar on the developer’s page. If there is nothing similar, post your suggestion because they are good indeed.

For 3, I doubt it is practical, because every app is made by an independent group. Even massive services like google slice services in different apps. Note that some apps are still in baby steps and made by few people (e.g. some of the photo apps). I suggest you to support them whenever possible, for example, by acquiring paid versions and making suggestions in Github / reviews in Google Play.