Android: one app for sincing all aps

Hi Friends,
myself along with other friends, are activating to install LineageOS on Android compatible smartphones through a voluntary association.
This LineageOS will be installed without GASP (aka Google).

Everything that can be managed via Nextcloud will be done. Ex: calendar, address book, task, notes, sms, video chat, etc, etc…

The problem is to simplify to the end user all the part related to the configuration of each application.

For example if I want to synchronize my address book, I will install and configure DavDroid, if I want to synchronize my notes, I must install and configure (again) Note for Nextcloud, if I want to synchronize my sms I must install and configure (again) NextcloudSMS, if I want to use NextcloudTalk, I must install and configure (again) NextcloudTalk, and so on…

I think that if we want to win the battle against Google, we will have to do as he does: simplify the lives of users.
If a user take a Google phone, the same user must configure the Google access one single time, and not every aps/apk installation.

Do you think could be possible to create a single application that acts as a connector (a bit like an DavDroid) for all installed Nextcloud applications? Or does it already exist?

Many thanks!