Android Nougat Accounts Failure

Hello there, I’m having a bit of a strange issue with the Nextcloud app on my Android 7.1 phone.

I’ll type in the server FQDN (establishes a connection), the username and the freshly generated app password. When I hit the login button, the app vanishes. When I reopen the app, it asks for all the information all over again.

Relevant info:

  • The server was freshly provisioned and functional two weeks ago, though I enabled TOTP 2FA today and as expected had to login again using a device password.
  • Latest NextCloud from the playstore and server-side.

The issue:

according to a logcat I pulled while logging in, the app says skipping since the account already exists, though the account isn’t listed anywhere in the phone’s settings. I can see a successful JSON response though. I cleared the data & cache for both davdroid and the nextcloud app… not really sure what to do now. See the pasted details: