Android NC 3.2.0 cannot create new notes

Less than 1mth experience with NC, not sure if it is a known bug.
When I press the “+” sign at bottom right corner, there are only three options:
-Upload files
-Upload content from other apps
-Create new folder
Should there be a “Create new note”? or did I over look something?

Nope. The android client is only for fileuploading.

You overlook that for each service on android there is another application.
For Files its Nextcloud,
for Talk its Nextcloud Talk,
for CardDAV & CalDAV its DavDroid and
for your notes its nextcloud notes:
Try to use different stores, for example F-Droid. There are many free apps in this store that are not free on the Google Play Store :wink:

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Yes, you’re right. Thank you for your explanation. Not aware that android client is only for file upload. :flushed:

I would like to see all in one. But this would overload it at all. Some users may not use Card-/CalDav, Talk or Note. So the apps have the small mbs. And why should the wheel reinvented? DavDroid is a other nice Open Source Project :wink:

Regarding User Interface, “intuitive” helps new users to gain good user experience. Adding some, on-line or even off-line, links to inform them about such arrangement should help.

What do you think about a landing page for all android & apple apps in e.g. settings menu that this question is redundant in future?