Android - move to App-Folder

Hello Together
First of all I want to thank you for this nice software. I migrated from ownCloud last week and it looks very nice!
I just wan’t to say that because some people are not very friendly when they speak about bugs in that nice and free software! Thank you!
I’ve a question about the android client: I’m not sure if I’m stupid or something is wrong. Nextcloud 11.0.3 is running on a ubuntu 16 server and the client 1.4.2 on a S6 edge with Android 7.0. I know there was a lot of troubles in the past, but the most of that is fixed now!
My settings are to auto upload the fotos from the phone to the cloud when I’m connected to WiFi and move them to the app-folder automatically. This works great and because I don’t touch the original path of the app-data, I can see the photos still in the gallery of the phone. So nearly everything like I want it.
But when I open the App now and move to that folder, the app will delete the photos and I have to download them again? I think this is not what it means when I say move to the app folder isn’t it? I can monitor this process with a explorer. Why is the app doing that? Is that correct?
One thing is missing for me what I can do with the other cloud. Make a difference between photos and videos. I know this is also missing for other people as I read and I know you are planning a lot of features for the clients. I like very much the different folders for e.g. camera & WhatsApp. But I want also to send my videos in other folders then my photos if possible.
One thing more I wish me for a long time: I want to choose in which W-Lan the app will sync. My cloud is only accessible in my home so I don’t want to send my “encrypted” data in other W-Lan’s. Just as a Input! :slight_smile:
Thx a lot and all the best!

All the bugs you mention + separation image/video will be in the next stable version (1.5).

As for choosing the exact SSID, I doubt we’ll ever implement that - but there is a workaround. In your settings, you can set certain SSIDs as metered and then app won’t upload on them if you’ve set them to be uploaded on Wifi only :slight_smile:

Hope that helps mate! :slight_smile:

Hi Mario
Thank you for your answer. I hope this things will be implemented soon?
I know that is not a android-forum. But where can I find this settings with the SSIDs?
After testing a little bot more, I’m not really happy with the installation. When I Make a foto in my WiFi, everything seems to work. After a while, the foto will be uploaded to the server. But I was now in holidays for some days. When I come back, the photos are in the status waiting for upload but nothing happens. The queue is hanging. I have to stop the uploads and upload it manually. Is there one more but or is it a setting on my server? Is there another treat with that problem?

How long are you waiting before stopping them, out of interest? It can take some time.

I can not say that exactly. But I think yesterday I was waiting minimum 30 minutes.
Can that be?
Is there a possibility to monitor the process?

@mario knows the specifics and admittedly I don’t check much anymore, but it runs on the GMS (Google) scheduler and NC have limited control over how quickly it goes.

I have seen it take an awfully long time though.

What version of the app are you running? Might be worth switching to the beta as you’ll get 1.5 sooner :thumbsup:

It could take hours, or even days to even start the upload I’m afraid.

We’re changing some stuff for 1.5, but ultimately it is Google that decides when stuff gets uploaded.